GIX® Cloud-on-Demand

GIX® Cloud-on-Demand:

effective scaling

The common problem of all traditional clouds is expensive scaling




Expensive regional scaling - the reasons:

Infrastructure costs grow faster than geographical coverage

In the process of cloud infrastructure building the costs usually grow faster than expansion of its geographical coverage because of:

  • Cloud network building imposes high Capex costs
  • Each new network node adds servicing and supporting cost to the whole network

Data centers are not present everywhere

  • Traditional cloud and CDN node servers are located only in data centers
  • Remote regions and smaller cities do not have data centers around

High infrastructure requirements

  • All known CDN platforms demand stable high-bandwidth Internet connectivity in order to provide the agreed service level (SLA)
  • There is no 24/7 reliable infrastructure at the “last mile” network


Expensive scaling is the root reason explaining why regions with underdeveloped Internet infrastructure are not attractive for content providers, and consumers located far from data centers get significantly lower service quality - this is "The Digital Divide" in action

Build a cost-efficient cloud based on GIX technology

  • By using Cloud-on-Demand service you shift initial infrastructure Capex costs onto third-party providers
  • Grow your regional coverage or enhance network bandwidth without additional investments
  • You pay only for the nodes which you really use, instead of paying for the whole network and for others