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GIX® Video:

экосистема полного цикла “под ключ” для доставки телевизионного и видео-контента с монетизацией видеотрафика через врезку таргетированной рекламы (реклама таргетируется индивидуально под каждого пользователя, если это позволяет законодательство и технические условия проекта). Включает кодировку сигнала от источника, транскодирование потока в разные форматы и качество, врезку рекламы, доставку трафика и воспроизведение на конечных устройства Smart TV, компьютер, смартофны и планшеты iOS/Android


GIX® Video

Full-cycle ecosystem for commercial online video services supporting delivery of TV and video content with ability to monetise your video stream by video advertisement management.


Advertisement is targeted individually per each end consumer, if permitted by local legislation and subject to existing customer technical setup.

Video service includes raw source signal encoding, on-fly transcoding of video stream into various formats and resolution quality per end-user technical conditions, advertisement incut, video traffic delivery and playback at any end-user devices including Smart TV, computers, smartphones and tablets iOS/Android

GIX® Video Player

GIX provides a set of white-labeled video player applications for all platforms, customised to client's brand

Additionally we can create a "white-labeled" smartphone/tablet application under your brand with embedded video playback or real-time video broadcast


GIX® Video architecture

Please contact us to get all the details about GIX Video integration possibilities, and we will appoint a meeting or Skype chat with technical managers and engineers