Service of Internet traffic delivery to various world regions, including remote and hard-to-reach


CDN (Content Delivery Network) service provides:

  • fast content accessibility 

  • reduction of outcoming traffic cost

  • traffic consumption peaks smoothing

  • increase of website conversion

  • increase of project monetisation

GIX® Cloud-on-Demand

Construct your cloud at no cost


CDN service on top of GIX platform is unique:


Due to utilisation of ready-to-use heterogeneous infrastructure of our partners, assembled and configured exactly for your needs, the possibilities of content distribution become truly limitless.


You can distribute your content of any volume at any chosen region of the world (or all). And you pay only for the actually used cloud networking CDN nodes, not paying for other nodes and for others.

How does it work?

  • GIX network nodes can be encamped at partners' infrastructure anywhere, and they require only Internet connection

  • A set of smaller GIX nodes, being distributed through region, is equivalent to one high-performance costly server located at data centre

  • Patented traffic routing and balancing algorithms provide a superior quality of network coverage

GIX® CDN Advantages


Network scalability

Traditional CDN


Ability of unlimited GIX nodes deployment in any country, region, or city 

1 to 20 nodes per country are pre-installed and fixed

Delivery speed and resilience

Traditional CDN


Traffic delivery through local network operator or "last mile" operator, which is located in most proximity to an end consumer

Traffic delivery only from data centre rooms and traffic exchange points (IX, Internet eXchange), ignoring the connectedness factor between data centre and end consumer


Traditional CDN


GIX network is protected from DDoS attacks and other cyber risks

Additional external protection is required

Cost of service

Traditional CDN


- Cost of service goes down if own client's infrastructure is utilised by GIX network

- "Pay-as-you-go" payment model: client is billed post-factum only for utilised infrastructure

Volume discounts are provided, subject to taken obligations for passed traffic volume ("take-or-pay")