GIX® Anti-DDoS

Service for repelling DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) - a hacker attacks through target resource "bombarding" by service requests simultaneously from a large number of hosts, which leads to temporary online resource unavailability for real users.


This service is automatically accessible for web resources served by GIX network.

Stop the attack to your web resource before it stops your business!

IT security solutions


DDoS attack mitigation

Website cloud protection from DDoS attacks, including behavioral analysis of website visitors' traffic


DNS servers protection

Protection of network operators infrastructure, including DNS (Domain Name Servers) protection from DDoS attacks


Web applications protection

Website protection aganist hacker break-in (Web Application Firewall)


Routing incidents surveillance

Detection of routing incidents in the Internet by autonomous systems (AS) monitoring

13 centers of Internet traffic filtering

13 centers of Internet traffc filtering - GIX Anti-DDoS

One of the largest filtering networks

More than 300 Gbit/sec of active bandwidth – each incoming TCP connection is handled and analysed

More than 2000 Gbit/sec of passive bandwidth - determined handling of IP packets without making a TCP connection

Unique SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA does not depend on type of attack​

In case of SLA breach – 100% return of funds

SLA up to 99.99%

Final cost and SLA do not depend on quantity and complexity of attacks

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