Scalable digital solutions

for business

Revolutionary GIX® digital platform unites scattered segments of partners' networking and computational infrastructure into a single powerful cloud





Our clients get unique and easily scalable digital solutions for their business






Our infrastructure partners get monetisation from the owned IT resources and get new services for their business without additional investments


Anyone can become a part of GIX® platform by seamlessly attaching own server and networking infrastructure to it, and start receiving income from RuGeeks for infrastructure utilisation

GIX® platform manages the network of attached resources with patented algorithms developed by RuGeeks engineers  


Our machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms guarantee the most effective ratio of speed and cost for the client,


while infrastructure partner gets a fair part of RuGeeks revenue based on market price of provided service and his value contribution


GIX® Anti-DDoS

Cloud cyber security solutions for mission-critical websites, including defense from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and web application attacks

GIX Content Deivery Network


Global content delivery network (CDN) aimed for distribution and acceleration of web content output to an end consumer with any device at any point of the world.


The usage of CDN provides high speed of video download, reduces web server load, accelerates web site pages download speed, increases conversion ratio, and boosts search engines output positions

GIX Video

GIX® Video

Turnkey solution for TV and video Internet broadcast from taking source of raw signal to playing back at any device, with video traffic transcoding, advertisement incut and ad campaign management

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